Global Navigator

Global Navigator 6.0

GPS navigation software for your PDA


  • Lots of different map view modes
  • GPS support
  • Select favourite locations
  • Voice directions


  • Some stability issues
  • Limited business directory

Very good

Looking for a satellite navigation app for your Pocket PC? Global Navigator is an easy-to-use GPS navigation app that can help you quickly find your way from A to B.

Global Navigator lets you browse maps and satellite images of the whole World. You can find places by zooming in on the world map, or by using the app's powerful search tool. Global Navigator offers several ways to look at maps, including map, satellite, terrain, and hybrid mode. You can view maps in 3D and move around in all directions, like you can in Google Earth on your PC.

Global Navigator can search, view points of interest, plan routes and explore any area of the planet. More importantly, if you have GPS, you can view your position on the screen and activate the route planner navigation mode. This works in much the same way as a satellite navigation system you'd use in a car, and even includes voice instructions to help you get to where you're going.

A feast of features

Other features of Global Navigator include the ability to view photo layers to show images on maps all over the World, add GSM or GPS information to photo and video taken on your camera, and export routes to Google KML format. You can also store favorite locations in Global Navigator.

Finding your way around with Global Navigator is a breeze, although there were some stability issues in our tests. For example, the program would crash when trying to view photos, and the maps often took an age to render in terrain mode. Another shortcoming in Global Navigator is the business look-up feature, which is pretty limited and doesn't cover all areas.

If you find yourself getting lost on a regular basis, Global Navigator will help you get out of tight situations using your Pocket PC. If you have a GPS receiver too, you'll find this app even more useful.

Google Navigator is the most powerful and easy to use GPS navigation software on your Pocket PC. Also is the best and most easy to use and convenient software on your Pocket PC. All map data is transferred from Google via network, and saved permanently on your device until you want to delete it.

Designed with productivity in mind, Google Navigator offers a quick and easy way to obtain the map and location information on your Pocket PC.With the most powerful functionality on map data operation and convenient user interface.You will enjoy the fun on your Pocket PC.

Features of Google Navigator:

  • Three view modes: Map mode, Satellite mode and Hybrid mode
  • Map can be rotated in all 3D angle and move in all directions like Google Earth
  • Search the up-to-date location and business via network
  • Pick some favorites locations to appear all in map
  • Step-by-step voice and turn directions in GPS navigation
  • Save the track line and load it in Google Navigator
  • Convert track line to Google KML format and open it in Google Earth on PC
  • Send the GPS position or the selected position by SMS ,MMS and email

Global Navigator


Global Navigator 6.0

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